Why Lightroom?

I was recently asked by someone, why use Lightroom over Photoshop?

This is a very good question and I’m sure that are lots of answers that can be given by different people.

My answer was, that they actually compliment each other. If you take 1000’s of photos then you need a way to catalogue them. Lightroom is a great way of cataloguing photos, creating slideshows, books, and of course editing them and more…

It has batch processing, making it easy to edit a lot in one go, then easily see all the results in front of your eyes. Photoshop can batch process, but seeing the results in one go is not as easy.

So why do I use Photoshop as well? As with most things, there is not 1 magical tool that does everything. Photoshop picks up where Lightroom finishes, or can’t quite cut it. So most of my editing is done in Lightroom, with heavy editing, cloning, blending etc in Photoshop. When I then save that file, Lightroom updates it’s catalogue to show me the finished photo along with the original.

The 2 pieces of software, do sometimes do things that the other can do, but they also do a lot of things the other cannot. Lightroom edits are non destructive Photoshops edit can be if you are not careful.

2 tools for 2 types of editing and use, but come together to give a photographer the best of both worlds when used properly.

In the end, it is user preference, but I use both, but couldn’t do without Lightroom.

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