Straightening Photos

Its great to go out and take photos, then come home and look at them on the computer. But now many times have you taken a photo, only to notice the horizon is crooked? I know I have!

Fixing it these day is easy though. You can fix it in Photoshop, or my preference method in Lightroom.

Let take a look at the steps to fix them in both pieces of software. Firstly, they should be opened in Photoshop or loaded in to the Lightroom catalog.

Photoshop Instructions

So, in Photoshop, with the photo open, select the ruler Eyedropper tool icon (press and hold and a dropdown appears)

Now click on the horizon on your photo and drag a line along the horizon.

and then click the Straighten Layer button at the top of the screen

You photo is then straightened and ready for you to save or crop as required.

Lightroom Instructions

Select the photo and open in Develop Module by pressing ‘D’

Now click on the Crop Tool and click on the ruler icon (Straighten Tool).

Click on the horizon and drag the mouse to create a line along the horizon.

Let go and the photo will straighten.

Tip: Or, you can just click on the Auto button and it straightens the photo without you without drawing any line!

It’s that simple, and you now have a nice straight photo.

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