Scenario: Rescuing Photos.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see I talk about the importance of backing up your files and photos on a regular basis.

Well, this is a scenario I had over the weekend…


Lee, can you help, I’ve dropped my photo drive on the floor and now it doesn’t work. I’ve tried several things and it’s just not working.

Ok, I said, we can try a few things, but it may be damaged. You’ve have been running your time machine backups?

Er, yes, December or Jan was the last time.

Ok, so you may have lost some if we have to do a restore.

Ah, yes, ok, hmm, actually it maybe be December 19!

To cut long story short, he was lucky, his drive eventually came back after a reboot and it leaving it plugged in for 30mins, we think it might be more of a damaged cable, but with the drive having a jolt, you never really know if any damage is done.

I recommended doing a backup again, and maybe replacing the drive too, given it is also quite old too.

So, if you have a back drive, just sitting close by, it might be worth pluging it in and setting a backup going.

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