Scenario: Dad with SLR, Macbook Full

A Dad who likes taking photos of his family, wants to organise his photos, but has filled his laptop.

Photo organisation, Lightroom, Backing up.

I was contacted by a Dad who was getting in a muddle with all the photos he was taking of his family. He had 10,000 photos on his phone and had put lots of his SLR RAW photos into the Apple Mac Photos software, and so had run out of space on his laptop. He had bought Lightroom, but didn’t know how to use it.

I helped him get all of his photos into one location. I removed the RAW photos from the Photo software and put them in the new location with the other photos. I also helped him clear down his phone of photos and videos and put these in the same location.

Once everything was organised on the external drive, I help him import them into Lightroom and started to get them organised with keywords.

Towards the end of the training session he was able to find any of the photos and events that his images related to, and could start to them use this image as he had wanted to.

I also implemented a backup solution to automatically back up his Macbook and his photos.

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