Photoshop, Beginners Tips

A lot of photographers in the past may not have used Photoshop, either due to not understanding it, or it’s cost.

However, with the new Adobe Photographers subscription at just under £10 per month (at time of writing) it has now become affordable to most people.

So, it now comes back to using it.

I used to be a Paintshop Pro user, many years ago and then made the transition to Photoshop. The main reason was it linked in with Lightroom and made my editing easier.

Depending on how much editing you have done in the past and what you use, you may know this. If you are not familiar my biggest tip for beginners using Photoshop, is to use it Layers.

A good example of what layers are is to think of a stack of paper. At the bottom of the stack is your photo, you can then add another layer ‘piece of paper’ above it on which you can add something or edit something. You can then do different things to these paper layers, without effecting the photo below.

One such layer may have a watermark with transparent background on it and that would be overlaid on the photo allowing the watermark to be moved around the photo and change the opacity, without effecting the photo.

This is one very simple example, but layers are great and when used with layer masks and blend mode, you have a very powerful feature for editing photos.

So Layers would be my top tip for a new Photoshop user to get a basic understanding of before editing photos.

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