Panoramic Photography

Living in Devon, we have some of the best scenery around us. However, sometimes 1 photo just doesn’t do it justice.

This single fully processed photo looks great, but it doesn’t show of much of the landscape.

This is where panoramic photos come in to their own. Here is the same view but in a panoramic photo. Although the above might look impressive at this size, when the other is viewed bigger, it definitely has more of the wow factor.

Panoramic photos are landscape or portrait orientation photos, that are taken with a slight overlap (about 1/3) on each image to enable them to be overlaid on top of each other to create a wider image.

The above photos have my final processing added and this would be done as a final step, so when you select your photos to merge, they would look more ‘out of camera’


You can see from these images (they do not have the final colour processing) that in this case I have done about a 2/3 overlap, due that the fact it was a 10 image stitch and I wanted to keep any curvature to the minimum. These are a couple of images from the middle of the panorama.

Now, you can it then choose to stitch all the photos together in a program like PhotoShop and select the files to merge, or in Lightroom, by highlighting the thumbnails and selecting Photo Merge > Panorama. I create all mine in Lightroom as I can easily crop and apply filters in seconds as I have done with the examples above.

This type of photography is just one of the styles I tutor, along with the Lightroom or Photoshop processes.

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