New Lr Feature, Multiple Preset Exports

With every release of Lightroom, there are always new features, some are subtle and take time to find others can sort of hit you full on.

One of these feature that hit me full on was in the export dialogue box, a small change, but so obvious you can’t miss it.

Introduced in Lightroom v9, when you open the export dialogue box you’ll notice little squares next to your list of presets. This means you can now select more than 1 preset to use at the same time.

This can be quite useful, but I’ve found you have to be a bit selective on what you choose to export. I use watermarks on my images and I ended up with 2 images with the correct size and watermarks, but also the wrong watermarks on the other exports too.

For Example, 1 preset is 1400×933 with LOP watermark and the other is 800×800 with LeoPhotography watermark.

However running both these presets together, I get both sizes with both  watermarks.

EG 1400×933 LOP & 1400×1400 LOP with 800×800 LeoPhotography & 800×533 with LeoPhotography.

So it does what its supposed too, but I think you have to understand the results based on your choice of preset combination and you may end up deleting a few to start with!

I can think that if you have a common watermark across all images that this would be useful. I vary mine (for different orientations and platforms) and if you wanted to export a batch of watermarked and full size images then this would work quite nicely.

So a useful feature for speeding up some export processing.

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