Lightroom Mobile (Now Lightroom cc in iOS/Android)

Ok, now firstly, Lightroom Mobile, seems now to be called Lightroom CC on iOS and Android devices. However this is not to be confused with Lightroom CC on desktops which is different.

Lightroom mobile allow you to Sync photos from your desktop Lightroom to a mobile device. You can then make edits to these photos when you are on the move and then sync them back to Lightroom on your computer.

Lightroom syncs them through a collection that you setup to sync with mobile. Sadly as of writing this, you cannot sync smart collections, although there is a clever way to force a one off smart collection sync.

Note: Lightroom only actually syncs the smart previews and not the RAW/Jpeg files themselves.

Firstly make sure you are signed in using your Adobe ID via the Activity Centre Identity plate, top left “Lightroom xxx”

Once signed in, click on it again to ensure Lightroom sync is turned on.

Now you can create a collection as you would normally and add your photos to.

*Tip: If you make this the default collection, you can just select your photos and press B to add them to it

The collection will show a little icon on the left meaning this collection is synced with your mobile device.

Now go to your device and open Lightroom CC on it, (install it if you haven’t already).

The synced collections will appear on the screen.

Tapping on the collection open it and shows your photos in a grid view. This can be changed to a list if you prefer.

Tap in the image and do your edits as normal.

There are copy settings buttons, undo options and a lots of the usual settings as well as some default settings.

Once you’ve made your changes, you’ll notice the cloud changes and syncs edits to the adobe cloud until you get back to your desk and open Lightroom.

Lr then syncs the collection and all your edit are there!

This is quite useful if you want make changes on the go and not sit in from of a computer all the time. There are restriction as to what you can do. If you use custom presets a lot, then it’s best to apply a couple to a couple of photos on the desktop prior to making the sync. These settings can then be copied in Lightroom Mobile.

Smart collections don’t work, but there is a slideshow option for displaying photos.

It will evolve with age and improve, but it has its uses and can get you away from the desktop for some of you work at least!

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