Finding Photos

In the digital age of photography, you are no longer restricted to 24 of 36 photos to a roll of film. Flash cards now store hundreds of photos on them at a time. This means when you are out taking photos, you may comeback with several hundred photos. Over time, you end up with 1000’s stored on your computer or external drives.

As as well creating storage and backup dilemmas, it also creates a problem with finding the photos of your memories.

As well as being a great editing tool, Lightroom is also an amazing cataloging software.

The Lightroom Library module is used to catalogue your photos, showing your hard drive folders on the left, thumbnails in the middle and keywords on the right.

Keywording is key to finding your photos. If you make keywording as much of a priority as editing your photos, you will never have a problem finding your photos again. Give you photos General Keywords, like an Event EG London Zoo, but also something more specific like, Tiger, or Indian Tiger. You can then go for a real detailed keyword like Growling.

This setup would then give you the option to find all your London Zoo Photos, no matter what folder they are in on your hard drive, or if you have been multiple time. You could then also find your Tiger photos, across different Zoos, as you have have been to Marwell Zoo too. Finally, you can find any Growling Tiger photo you have ever taken.

Over the years, if you end up with 100,000 plus photos, you can still find that 1 memory in under 10 seconds, or in these case, a Growling Tiger!

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