Do you have a Backup?

So, you have your computer, your phone, your digital camera.
You’ve downloaded your photos to your computer or even an external drive.
You can edit your photos and send them to friends and family, post them to Facebook, even print them.
However, have you got a backup solution?

You may have and that is great, but for a lot of people, it’s an after thought.

When I start tutoring people, I always ask them about there processes and what they do. If they don’t include a backup solution I always recommend getting one and will help with its set up.

Backup drives, be it, local on online, can seem like an extra expense after buying the computer or expensive cameras. But these days, everything is digital especially your photos, which are your memories.

So even if you store your photos on an external drive, in case the computer goes wrong, your external drive is just a vulnerable. This drive along with your computer and phone should be be backed up to give you at least 1 level of protection. Then if you want to, you can backup the backup!

Hard drives are all mechanical devices, with moving parts, which can sadly fail. I’ve had it happen. So if you value your photos, your memories or your work, create a backup. If you are not sure how to do this, give me a call and I can help you.

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