Apple IDs

1 Parent ID and Children with iPads.

For each child to have their own ID.

This was move of a setup session, than tuition, but it is a common scenario.

When Apple devices are bought and children start to use hand me down devices, it is normally done under the parents ID. Either due to wanting to know what the children are doing, or just not knowing how child IDs work. In the past, a Child ID didn’t actually exist anyway.

In any case, eventually the parent wants control of their ID again and to no longer get photos and messages from their child on their phone, or the child just gets to the age where they want their own independance.

It requires creating ID for each child and setting up the existing device to use then along with their own passwords.

So this is something I have done for some parents on a couple of occasions, freeing the parents device from the childrens.

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